Welcome to sg_tobikko, a Singapore-based fan community devoted to JUMP. This community will serve as a platform for all Singapore Tobikko to interact as well as organizing various gatherings and events about JUMP. Membership is moderated but please don't hesitate to join and let's all have fun together ! ^_^

Before proceeding, please kindly read the rules~

01. Membership is moderated; but please don't hesitate to join
02. Posting is moderated to prevent congestion and also sharing of inappropriate media. All are welcome and encourage to comment and also share whatever you know about JUMP.
03. Please respect everyone here by observing rules of courtesy. No flaming or bashing and last but no least, no profanities. Everyone here is just trying to know more about JUMP and also to share what they know about JUMP to spread the love.
04. Please join LiveJournal if you would like to participate in the community as anonymous commenting is not preferable. We would like to be friends with everyone here and please take responsibility for what you say.
05. If moderators feel that your comment is breaking the rules, it will be removed immediately. If you feel that you have not broken the rules, you are free to consult any of the moderators. Members who consistently break the rules will be removed from the community and we do not want that to happen so please make sure that you follow the rules.
06. Everyone are welcome to share any media but please make it member-locked as we would not want to get into any trouble with Johnny-san.
07. Please do not share the media posted in the community by other members without permission. It belongs to them and if you want to share, please redirect to the community. You are allowed to share your own media in other communities without doubt.
08. If you have any questions, you are welcomed to ask any of the moderators ^_^

Joining the Community
~Simply leave a comment in the following format ^^ We would like to just know more fans :)

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